It's summer time! This year, we want to remind New Yorkers that they don't have to go any further than their own back yard for a cool, refreshing glass of wine and we need your help. Our goal is to encourage consumers to step outside their comfort zone and make the switch to New York wines. We will be continuing our record of highly successful Fall and holiday promotions with "Beat the Heat," a three-month promotion that will run from June 1st to Labor Day.

If you haven't gotten a poster yet, email us here and we will send you as many as you want, or you can download them from this site. We want as many posters up and displayed in as many stores across the state, so please tell your friends in the business. Also, if you wish to have a New York winery do a tasting in your store, contact us here and we will help get you in touch with one ASAP. We are also asking that participants in the promotion display Empire State wines prominently in their stores, as well as include them in any advertisements and offer special sales and discounts on cases and bottles.

During his time in office, Governor Cuomo has been a strong and reliable advocate for New York wines. While this has been great news for us and the industry, it is not a sign for us to sit back and relax. We have to do our part to get New York wines into every household in the state, and these promotions are the perfect way to do it. Sign up for your poster today and help us keep the momentum going!

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